Minutes of the April 14, 1999 Faculty Senate Meeting





Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Rogers



Senators (Elected):

Goodstein, Redfern, Kral, Cleveland, Lee, Peven, Di Brezzo, Roland, Swartz, Fort, Killenbeck, Bailey, Buono, Rom, Taylor, Caldwell, Ziegler, Brady, Norwood, King, MacRae, Brewer, Douglas, Miller, Hall, Gay, Salamo, Schroeder



Senators (Admin.):

Geren, Young



Senators (Elected):

Musick, Daniels, Johnson, Waligorski, Hoffman, Olejniczak, White, Chase, Knowles, Myers, Graham, James, Martin, Bertoncino, Freund, Schmitt



Senators (Admin.):

White, Scifres, Buege, Madison, Dutton, Stegman, Loewer, Strickman, Bennett, Williams



Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM.



It was moved and seconded to approve the Agenda with the addition of a report from Wally Cordes on the retirement incentive program motion passes.



It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of 3/10/99 - motion passes







Undergraduate Core Curriculum Committee--Mark Cory; This committee oversees the core curriculum. This past year descriptions of the five domains in the core (Engl/Comm, Math, Natl Sci, Fine Arts/Human, Soc Sci) were developed. A moratorium on submissions of new courses was declared pending development (and campus approval) of a rationale for core courses in each domaineach component. (Target date is December 1999)




Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search Committee--Greg Salamo; Prof. Salamo reported that the search has identified eight strong candidates and an additional eight are being considered. The candidates are a diverse group with respect to area of expertise, gender, and race. It is hoped that a list will be presented to the Chancellor next week.




Report regarding early retirement incentives--Wally Cordes; The Chancellor agreed with the senate that any policy should be uniform across colleges. It should also include staff. It was noted retirement incentives are not mandatory. The budget for this year is such that implementation is not feasible. Although an incentive program is desirable, the deans voted unanimously against re-instating the program. The current statements on retirement incentives in the Faculty Handbook will be deleted until the program can be re-activated.



Old Business




Item 989-60: University Calendar 2004 & 2005 Proposals--Student Affairs Division - James Conneely; There was discussion regarding the advantages and disadvantages of starting fall semesters on Wednesdays or on Mondays. Because new-student programs are still being planned, no action was taken. There will be a presentation at the next Senate meeting.



New Business




Consent Agenda Items 989-69 through 989-76 - motion passes




The Undergraduate Course Committee recommended item 989-69.




Item 989-69: Undergraduate Course Change--Robert Welch
A change of course number and credit hours for a Voc/Adult Educ lab.




The Undergraduate Programs Committee recommended items 989-70 to 72.




Item 989-70: Elimination of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management




Item 989-71: Addition of new degree program--BS in International Business




Item 989-72: Addition of new degree program--BS in Middle Level Education




The Graduate Council recommended items 989-73 through 989-76.




Item 989-73: Elimination of a Business Law course, and 14 course changes in the ELCF and RHAB departments of the Education College.




Item 989-74: Program Change in Master of Arts in Teaching in Agri Education




Item 989-75 and 76: Two Program Changes in Educational Administration




Item 989-77: Recommended Attendance Policy to be included in Faculty Handbook. A substitute motion by Curt Rom was made (copy attached). Senator di Brezzo moved to amend the substitute motion in three ways: (1) strike the 2nd sentence, (2) add When possible (prior to instructor), and (3) change will to should. After considerable discussion it was moved and seconded to table this item until the next Senate meeting. The Chair was instructed to return this to the Teaching Council with the hope that they can suggest a policy which addresses the various concerns expressed.




Item 989-78: Proposed Alternative to Current English Language Proficiency Requirements for Undergraduates--Joan Turner; Advanced level work at the Spring International Language Center may substitute for TOEFL scores for undergraduate students.- motion passes






Ethyl Goodstein - the BA program of Architectural Studies in the Fulbright College is being moved to the school of Architecture as a BS in Architectural Studies.

Michael Buono - the Nominating and Election Coordinating Committee is seeking candidates for several important positions. At this time there are only 4 nominees for the 19 positions. Forms and information are available from the Department of Architecture office at 5-4705. Nominations are needed by April 19, 1999.



Wally Cordes - a May meeting is needed. A brief discussion led to scheduling the meeting for Wednesday, May 26, 1999, at 3:31 PM.



Moved and seconded to adjourn at 4:57. - motion passes.



Wally Cordes, Chair;

Neil Allison, Secretary.

Minutes approved: May 26, 1999