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Minutes of the University of Arkansas Faculty Senate, September 9, 1998


Officers: Cordes, Neuse, Allison, Bailey

Senators (Elected): Bailey, Brewer, Buono, Daniels, Di Brezzo, Douglas, Fort, Freund, Gay, Goodstein, Graham, James, Johnson, Killenback, Knowles, Koski, Kral, Lee, MacRae, Musick, Neuse, Norwood, Olejniczak, Peven, Redfern, Roland, Rom, Schroeder, Studer-Ellis, Swartz, Schmitt, Taylor, White, Ziegler

Senators (Admin.): Bennett, Buege, Geren, Loewer, White, Williams


Senators (Elected): Bertoncino, Caldwell, Chase, Hall, Hoffman, Martin, Miller, Myers, Salamo, Waligorski

Senators (Admin.): Dutton, Madison, Scifres, Stegman, Strickman, Young

I. Wally Cordes called the meeting to order at 3:31 PM.

II. It was moved and seconded to approve the circulated agenda The motion passed unanimously.

III. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the 4/30/98 meeting - The motion passed unanimously.

IV. Reports

A. Wally Cordes gave additional notes, additions, and corrections:

1. Faculty Senate roster:

Open position of Business Administration representative is filled by Don White (Management).

Open position of Education & Health Professions representative is filled by Inza Fort (Kinesiology).

Secretary is Neil Allison (Chemistry).

Arts & Science Rep: Pat Koski's position will be taken by Malcolm Cleaveland (Geography).

Thanks were given to those involved in committee work; 97-98 committee reports were distributed.

2. 98-99 Committee Lists

Jerry Musick is Chair of Campus Faculty.

Inza Fort is Chair of Committee on Committees.

3. Corrections to e-mail addresses for senators should go to Steven Neuse.

B. Report from the Chancellor: Chancellor White noted personnel changes in VC positions: Don Pederson to VCFin&Admin, Dan Bennett to interim VCAcadAff, Suzanne Gordon to interim VC StudentServ. Greg Salamo will chair the search committee for VCAA. The Chancellor noted 1997-98 was a very good year in faculty, staff, and student accomplishments. Private fund raising and sponsored research made significant gains. Fall enrollment is up with freshman making a 14% increase, the largest in history. Average ACT's are up in all areas, and there are increased percentages of minority students. Concern over the impact of Amendment 4 (Tax Reform Initiative) on the university, if it passes, was discussed.

V. Old Business None

VI. New Business

A. Election of 5 senators for senate executive committee

Nominations were: David Gay, Curt Rom, Jim Swartz, Michael Buono, and Mike Peven.

It was moved to close nominations and elect these five by acclamation. Motion passed.

B. Election of 5 senators to campus council (Pat Konski's leaving opened the 5th position)

Nominations were: Inza Fort, John King, Neil Schmitt, Dennis Brewer, and Phil Taylor

It was moved to close nominations and elect these five by acclamation. Motion passed.

V. Consent Agenda. 989-1 through 989-10

It was noted that some senators did not receive the supplemental materials 24 hours prior to meeting. A motion was made to temporarily suspend the rule that supplemental material must be available 24 hours prior to meeting. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously

An editorial correction was noted to change wording above items 989-9 and 989-10 from "They have both been approved by the Undergraduate Programs Committee." to "They have both been recommended for approval by the Undergraduate Programs Committees."

The consent agenda, items 989-1 through 989-10, was handled by a single motion.

Item 989-1: Course-change actions from the Undergraduate Course Committee -- Robert Welch

Item 989-2: Course-change actions from the Graduate Council --Collis Geren

Item 989-3: Proposal to deliver off-campus courses leading to the Master of Science in Human

Environmental Sciences from the Graduate Council -- Collis Geren

Items 989-4 to 989-8: Program changes from the Undergraduate Programs Committee-

Donna Graham or Bill Schwab.

Item 989-4: Program Change: French Minor

Item 989-5: Program Change: Bachelor of Arts in History

Item 989-6: Program Change: Humanities/Religious Studies

Item 989-7: Program Change: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

Item 989-8: Program Change: Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Items 989-9 & 989-10 are new or revised program proposals.

Item 989-9: New Program: Bachelor of Arts in American Studies--Bob Cochran

Item 989-10: Program Revision: Interdepartmental Program in Pest Management--Jerry Musick

Approval of Consent Agenda 989-1 through 10 was passed unanimously

VII. Announcements/Information

Collis Geren discussed the Research Center that will be set up in the Administrative Services Building. This is pending Department of Higher Education approval.

Steven Neuse noted the Board of Trustes passed the Senate-approved Post Tenure Review Policy on May 29th. The question was raised as to how the term "unsatisfactory performance" is to be defined. The Senate was told that this is currently being considered at both department and college levels..

VIII. A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. The motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 4:45.

Wally Cordes, Chair; Neil Allison, Secretary

MINUTES APPROVED: October 14, 1998