Faculty Senate

May 8, 2002

Giffels Auditorium

3:30 p.m.


I.                    Call to Order:  Patsy Watkins, Chair


II.                 Approval of Agenda


III.               Approval of Minutes:  April 17, 2002


IV.              Reports

A.     Long-term care Insurance 


V.                 Old Business

A.     Calendar Committee


VI.              New Business

A.  Faculty Committee on Admission and Transfer Credit

FCATC  Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting of May 2002


The following items come recommended to the Faculty Senate from the FACTC


1.  Proposed changes to the College Catalog:

Voting on the following addition to the College Catalog:

On Page 17 under transfer of credit.

Add the following to #1

Students may request a variance in the requirements for transfer credit by written petition (via the Office of Admissions) to the Faculty Committee on Admission and Transfer Credit.


Rational: Makes a “more” public statement to students wishing to be considered for admission or transfer who have less than the stated requirement.


2.  Proposed changes in the FCATC committee

Voting on the following:

The FCATC is to be composed of 2 representatives from the Fulbright College, 2 representatives  from the Walton College, and 1 representative from each of the remaining colleges in the University.


Rational: The Committee is currently composed of 1 representative from each college.  The proposed change is to add an additional member from the Fulbright and Walton Colleges The Chancellor now requires that so many student files be read, that more members are needed to spread out the work load.  The majority of the students seeking a variance are from the Fulbright or Walton colleges.


B.     Resolution:  Annual Evaluation of Administrators


VII.           Consent Agenda 

A.     Approved by the Graduate Council:  Graduate Certificate in Gerontology (approved on 4/18/02)  (Scroll down for Advanced Instrumental Certification)

B.     Approved by the Graduate Council:  Graduate Certificate in Advanced Instrumental Performance (approved on 4/18/02) 

C.     Approved by the Graduate Council Curriculum Committee:  Course listing (approved on 4/18/02)

D.     Approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:  Course listing (approved on 4//09/02)

E.      Courses from School of Architecture

F.      Undergraduate Program Committee


The committee received some last minute program changes, but they are very straightforward. One from the Econ dept.-and 23 from the Curriculum and Instruction dept; however, each of the 23 is simply a program deletion.


VIII.         Announcements


IX.              Adjourn